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Heal the Mind, Body and Spirit

Holistic Treatment

When used with traditional addiction treatment, holistic therapies can effectively address the physical and psychological impact of addiction.

Holistic Addiction Treatment: What You Can Expect

At Sanitas Recovery Center, our goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive addiction recovery program that addresses their unique needs. We do this by creating programs that combine traditional treatment methods, such as elements of the 12-step program, with more holistic therapies.

Our holistic addiction treatment helps clients tune into themselves and find enjoyment in life.

  • Acupuncture: This ancient practice of inserting thin solid needles into specific documented points of the body has been used to manage cravings, rid the body of toxins, manage withdrawal symptoms, improve sleep and promote relaxation.
  • Equine therapy: Spending time with horses helps clients recovering from substance use disorder to build relationships, develop rapport, communicate trust and learn healthy boundaries. Horses can also teach clients to be gentle and kind with themselves and with others.
dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Experiential therapy: This is not just one therapy, but a variety of therapies and techniques that involve engaging in some type of activity or action that may not otherwise happen in traditional group therapy. Some of the benefits: improved self-confidence and self-trust, greater ability to handle stressors, better ability to deal with personal relationships and conflicts.
  • Somatic therapy: Often used to help patients suffering from psychological traumas, somatic therapy helps clients reframe and transform current or past negative experiences and gain greater confidence, resilience and hope.
  • Yoga: An excellent complement to traditional treatment, yoga can help strengthen your mind, body, spirit and social connections.

Ask About Holistic Treatment at Sanitas Recovery

At Sanitas Recovery Center, we believe the most successful addiction treatment programs help heal the body, mind and spirit, which are all impacted by the disease of addiction. To learn more about our holistic treatment and addiction services, callus today

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