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Studies have found that clients who enjoy a safe, supportive, sober home life have a reduced risk of relapse and a higher rate of overall recovery success.

Sober Living: What You Can Expect

The completion of formal addiction treatment is just the beginning of recovery. The real test, agree addiction experts, is once clients complete inpatient or outpatient treatment and are required to apply their learned recovery skills in a real-world setting. Sober living homes are often the perfect settings to ease this oft-abrupt and difficult transition and can serve as a buffer between rehab and the real world.

Boulder Sober Living offers short-term sober housing for anyone who thinks they can benefit from a buffer between treatment and a return to everyday life. It allows clients to live independently while learning crucial life skills like budgeting, paying bills, grocery shopping and meal preparation and maintaining a clean living environment. Sober living also provides a support network of peers with similar experiences and goals. Since abstinence from drugs and alcohol is required, sober living homes also offer regular drug and alcohol screens, individual and family therapy sessions and guidance on support resources like local chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

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Residents at Boulder Sober Living are provided with the following services and amenities:

  • Fully-furnished rooms
  • Utilities, cable and WiFi
  • $80 weekly grocery card
  • Gym and wellness center memberships
  • Easy access to Boulder bus lines and bike paths
  • Regular 12-step meetings
  • One-on-one client-centered case management
  • Employment and educational guidance

Ask About Boulder Sober Living

A structured, predictable sober environment, along with peer support and accountability from the Boulder addictionrecovery community, can help reduce your risk of relapse and ease the challenging transition from rehab to the real world. To learn more about how Boulder Sober Living can benefit you or someone you care about, contact us today.

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